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The iconic RE/MAX balloon greeted guests at the recent RE/MAX DFW Associates awards ceremony

RE/MAX DFW Associates is celebrating their 40th anniversary this year and RE/MAX LLC is celebrating their 50th. You know a company is doing everything right when it’s been in business that long.

RE/MAX DFW Vice President and co-owner Kay Wolfe and co-owner and president Mark Wolfe.

Mark and Kay Wolfe opened their office on March 14, 1983. He was the broker/agent, and she was the front desk administrator. The company began with just the two of them. Their only call on the first day was from Kay’s sister, but the phones have been ringing non-stop since, and today RE/MAX DFW Associates is the largest RE/MAX company not only in Texas but throughout the Southwestern United States.

RE/MAX Awards Ceremony

The annual awards ceremony was held recently at the Stonebriar Country Club in Frisco. Joining the 2022 RE/MAX Diamond Club were Donna Bradshaw (FM), Haven Realty Group (DA), Hulkowich Group (FS), Rusty & Luanne Pierce (FS), and the Vasquez Team (DA/RPC). To reach this level, commissions earned must be one million dollars.

Taran McKenzie, Joey Stanbery, Alicia Underwood, Nikia Timmons, and Tiffinee Caves.

Joey Stanbery’s team received the Titan Team Award for making over $750,000 in commissions, and Joey received the Hall of Fame Award for over one million dollars in commissions. This is only Joey’s third year in real estate.

“RE/MAX DFW ASSOCIATES is not just a brokerage to me. I feel like I have a home here. Being a Realtor is not just about selling houses. It’s about having an impact on people. I am proud to know my clients have allowed me to help them. When you want to grow your business, have a supportive partner, and be successful, there is no place better than RE/MAX.

Joey Stanbery

Laura Barnett with Coppell-Las Colinas Office Manager Bryan Cox

Laura Barnett received the Titan’s Award this year, the top company-wide individual producer and second in individual sales for RE/MAX DFW Associates in the DFW area.

I’ve been at RE/MAX DFW Associates since 1995, and I love the autonomy they provide for agents. I’ve been here since my children were little, and their business model has worked exceptionally well for me throughout the years.

Laura Barnett

Haven Realty Group’s Team Leader/ Associate Brianna Castillo and Keelie Luttrell

This year, Brianna Castillo was inducted into the RE/MAX Diamond Club, received the RE/MAX Lifetime Achievement Award, and earned the award for Top Five Commissions for a team.

I started in real estate with RE/MAX in a different state. I met the then President and CEO of RE/MAX LLC, mentioned moving to Texas, and asked for guidance in choosing a brokerage. He said RE/MAX DFW Associates. I interviewed with a few brokerages, but when I met Mark Wolfe, that was the deciding factor. I’ve grown to love and value the global network of agents I’ve gained at RE/MAX DFW Associates.

Brianna Castillo

“Our Sales Volume for 2022 was $1,676,250,470,” Director of Marketing & eBusiness Cyndi Cook said. “Our agents are the most dedicated professionals in the business, and we look forward to a great year in 2023”.

This is one of the top RE/MAX offices in the entire state of Texas, and the entire RE/MAX network

Nick Bailey President & CEO, RE/MAX, LLC

The Iconic RE/MAX Balloon Became a Branding Sensation

RE/MAX was founded in 1973 and began offering franchise opportunities in 1975. By 1994 it had expanded internationally. Now you’ll find RE/MAX operating in 110 countries, speaking over 60 languages, with 140,000 agents in 8,300 offices. The name is synonymous with success and that iconic hot air balloon— which almost didn’t take off.

RE/MAX DFW Associates

In 1978 two franchisees from Albuquerque, New Mexico, approached Co-Founder and Chairman Dave Liniger with a hot air balloon drawing, suggesting it would be a great logo. Liniger wanted to know what on earth a hot air balloon had to do with real estate. He suggested if they were determined that, they could use one for office openings and charity fundraising events. The l Albuquerque Balloon Festival had started only a few years before, in 1972, so the franchisee moved forward with their balloon and did not give up on LIniger. They filmed it at the festival, being inflated and flown, and returned to the Denver headquarters, trying once more to convince the board. Again they were told it was not going to happen.

RE/MAX DFW Associates

A year later, Linegar hired a consultant, proud to tell him that RE/MAX were number one in sales in Denver. The consultant did a little research and let him know although RE/MAX was five years old, they were only eighth in name recognition. He realized they needed to do group advertising. Someone suggested using the balloon. Liniger was a pilot, and he could fly around the balloon while photos were taken. Based on an only eight-week-long campaign, the consultant returned and said RE/MAX was now number one in Denver. The balloon’s meaning was perceived to mean RE/MAX was above the crowd, and indeed they are.

That balloon is now one of North America’s most widely recognized symbols and has come to represent hard work, dedication, and going above and beyond to help people find their dream homes. RE/MAX was voted the most trusted Real Estate Agency this year by American shoppers based on the BrandSpark® American Trust Study. What more could a buyer or seller ask for?

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