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Summer is approaching, and we’re all considering improving our outdoor living experience. Corradi USA always has the solutions for maximizing and enhancing your exterior spaces, and this summer, the Alba Louvered Roof system is just what you need!

Corradi USA’s Alba product is a louvered pergola system that allows you to adjust light and airflow and will also protect you from the elements. The aluminum blades can rotate up to 150 degrees. When inclined and half closed, they reflect the sun up and away from the space offering a shaded area with ventilation. And it’s all done by a wireless controller! 

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An LED system is integrated into the blades so the Alba system can be lit at night, making it a beautiful addition to your outdoor living area.

We wanted to learn much more so, we sat down with Glen Koupus and Tommy Davis of Kopus Outdoor to get insight into the Corradi Alba system.

Why do you like Corradi USA’s Alba system over others in the market?

Tommy Davis: Many customers will see something on T.V. and know they want a system like Alba but are unfamiliar with it. Everyone has a different need and application when it comes to outdoor living, which is why I like the Corradi systems. They are super customizable. You may look at a space and not know what to do with it, but if you look at it through a Corradi lens, you can do anything. They are great at custom one-off work.”

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Corradi USA’s Alba System

If someone wants to improve their outdoor living space this summer, how quickly can they get an Alba system?

Davis: Corradi warehouses products locally which is a game changer. They are not hurting on lead times like others are because they stock raw materials here.

There are similar outdoor living products on the market. Why is Corradi a clear choice for your customers?

Davis: Corradi has been great about training us. We learned about the product because we had gone through training and placed an order with a competitor. They are more saturated in the market but could not fulfill orders, and the lead time was out of control. We looked around and realized Corradi was half a mile from us. When we looked at their product, we found it was more stable with a thicker gauge aluminum. It’s not apples to apples. It’s a much higher-quality product. 

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Bioclimatics Maestro

Doesn’t installation create quite a mess?

Davis: No one wants metal shards and noise on site. Corradi delivers a product ready to install. It’s ready to assemble and entirely custom for custom spaces. A good amount of planning goes into the process, so it’s great when it’s done.

What do people ask for in their Alba system? 

Glen Koupus: When someone orders an Alba, they typically get drop-down screens as well, creating another room outside. With the drop-down screens, there is some airflow through the screen, but when you drop them, it cuts the wind. We can also climate control the space.  

Davis: Corradi Alba really creates another room for our clients. It’s the most popular residential product we carry. 

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Bioclimatics Maestro

What is the average installation time?

Davis: It’s generally only one to two days.

What makes the process so much easier at Koper Outdoors?

Davis: We offer design services. Bridget Hefty is our showroom manager and design consultant and will help clients with furniture options and outdoor accessories. We use a great Corradi USA product our clients will be happy with, hold their hand through the whole process, and are always on-site for the installation.

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Corradi’s Aura

Wednesday, June 21, is the first day of summer. You have about a month to get a plan of action in place, to improve your outdoor living experience. So, call Koper Outdoors and get moving on your Corradi USA Alba Louvered Roof System today!

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